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What is Prosopopoeia? It is a Greek rhetorical device where one takes the guise of an imaginary individual, to express views. Greek orators and philosophers used to hide behind a white mask in order to express politically risk laden views. Greek "morbists" often used the voice of a deceased person to express their views.

Objectified prosopopoeial would correspond to speaking and expressing views as a personified object, for example what would your bosses chair say if he was an unpleasant male sitting on it?

Nursery rhymes occasionally use prosopopoeia as a tool, but please do not visualise your boss in a nursery rhyme sitting on an objectionably vocal chair.

As a provocative thinking tool apply prosopopoeia to first person, second, and overview perspective. A simple well-known technique which encourages you when in dialogue to take a first person, second person, and big picture perspective.

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