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Our Passion

to promote creative thinking, and behaviours, for the benefit of all

Our Creative Sense? is dedicated to the promotion of creative thinking.This under the semi-auspicious direction of Chris Mead. This thinkchild has had the opportunity to mature for over thirty years, and is as precious to Chris as a winter butterfly.

Chris has had a breadth of experience as an Educator, learning facilitator, and author. This includes working with UK Government departments and as a University of Cambridge Education consultant. His career has enabled him to work extensively across the UK, and internationally. His was asked to co-author (with a Senior UK Government civil servant) resources that promoted innovation and enterprise. These were sponsored by the Dti and distributed to all schools in England.

During his his career Chris had developed a passion for developing a deep understanding of creative thinking. The beauty of creative thinking is that all thinking is good. Nevertheless for some, paradigms, wherefores, and whys, are all important. As a consequence the creative thinking framework was developed. In essence the triangular representation shown articulates three levels of creative thinking;

  • idea gibberation ig

  • association and dissociation ad

  • create

The new book Idea gibberation is an entry level exploration of how to develop your creative thinking. Anticipate ad and create as part of the creative thinking book trilogy.

Ultimately it is about us and you. So for creative facilitation, workshops, and mutual creative conversations, please contact.

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