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Can't be done

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

This slide was produced as part of a project to promote innovative thinking, and creativity for school teachers across England. Dare one say when ever I use this slide it generates a range of responses. The mischievous mavericks smile. Leadership types adopt a type of fetal position hoping the slide will go away. Most saw it as a mini road to Damascus revelation. It clearly articulated some of their day to day working dialogues and experiences. Its use always provoked a reaction, and sometimes when you are presenting, it is satisfying to have a response, where icy stares are the norm.

So why this slide? The opportunity to reverse. We don't have scapegoats. We have the opportunity to set our inform direction, if the organisational direction is lacking. Let us embrace problems, the old creative cliche problems as solutions.

Sorry but temporal thinking is different.

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