Idea Generation

Idea Generation?


At an incremental level concept generation is the life blood of any innovative organisation. Surely it is bread and butter that we use the ideas and creative juices of our friends and colleagues to better our collective position. Yet many organisations do not systematically manage this process. Of much greater concern is the fact that as part of our "educational experience" we are not introduced to ways and techniques by which we can generate ideas. There are simple approaches by which everyone can be encouraged to open their minds, and generate new ideas.


defeating Achilles


We will generally look at ways in which we engae the hearts and minds of others. But there are oher parts of the body! Have funin identifying othr part of the body, and the ways in which they prompt you to generate ideas.

Please do not ask what is meant by a naughty plan!

Evil Genius

Te French version!

How will Evil Genius undermine all that do! The trick to using this technique is not to be nice! Come on let us nurture our darker side.

How Tos

There are many simple idea generation technique. Just surf the internet, and you will certainly find your own creative baby!