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"ig-ad then create"


A staged approach to creativity and creative thinking


The three levels of innovation might provide the key by which we can deepen our understanding of creativity. The "ig-ad, then create" framework introduces creativity within a paradigm of increasing intellectual demand. From simple idea generation ig techniques, to an understanding of how new ideas can be generated through the association and disssociation ad of concepts and ideasThis leads to novel thinking, models, and products.

















The conceptual mapping of individuals such as Alex Osborn, J.P.Guildford, Michael Mikalko, and De Bono have provided starting points for our understanding as to what might constitute creativity. Linking to the three levels of innovation incremental and discrete, relative, to radical and transformational provides us with a framework from which we can articulate differentiated levels of creative thinking and understanding. The beauty of creative maps are that they are nebulous, incomprehensible, and inevitably send you in the wrong direction.

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