What is Prosopopoeia? It is a Greek rhetorical device where one takes the guise of an imaginary individual, to express views. Greek orators and philosophers used to hide behind a white mask in order to express politically risk laden views. Greek "morbists" often used the voice of a deceased person to express their views.

Objectified prosopopoeial would correspond to speaking and expressing views as a personified object, for example what would your bosses chair say if he was an unpleasant male sitting on it?

Nursery rhymes occasionally use prosopopoeia as a tool, but please do not visualise your boss in a nursery rhyme sitting on an objectionably vocal chair.

As a provocative thinking tool apply prosopopoeia to first person, second, and overview perspective. A simple well-known technique which encourages you when in dialogue to take a first person, second person, and big picture perspective.

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Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Winter solstice is always a special time of the year. The shortest day of the year, and the moment at which we head towards longer summer days (if you are of a positive disposition). After the Christmas festivities and indulgences, we swiftly approach the New Year and the God Janus.

The tortoise slide I have used in various guises, and for different purposes over the years. Usually in the form of a "doing implementing" rally cry. The response to it is varied. Occasionally it is defensive, but mainly the thoughts and comments were insightful and even occasionally witty. Head in comments ranged from; "at least with my head inside I can watch HDTV in my pyjamas without admin pestering me", to "what is to you if I keep my head in the ****** shell, that's what shells are for". The head "outers" wanted to search for lettuce, and not to be "painted white". For those too young to remember an awful time when tortoises were kept as pets, their owners used to paint them white. Their high visibility white shells reduced the chances of losing them, as they ambled around searching for lettuce. Some of the younger head outers even thought it might give them the opportunity to meet other tortoises.

I had one colleague who remarked that he knew many managers who as a matter of principle refused in any way or form to stick their heads out. This was particularly apparent it was argued, when they tried to lead their teams forward.

So at this time of the year when we consider the foresightful head, and the reflective head of the two headed God Janus, may I suggest a hybrid variant? The Janus tortoise. This tortoise has both a foresightful front head and reflective back head, think front and rear! The advantage of the rear head is that you can stick it out to gloat upon previous glories, and stick it in to shield you from past ignominies.

So festive wishes to all, and remember to consume lettuce responsibly.

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Chocutopian experiences capture the silky smooth indulgent best. Project chocutopia upon what ever you would wish.

Let us be self indulgent and highlight chocutopia as one of the thinking pillars of the book "idea gibberation", and celebrate where ever we find it, pronoia.

I never smoke to excess; I smoke in moderation, one cigar at a time

Mark Twain

Let us think excess, so that perceived resource barriers are shattered.

Cornucopian thinking benefits all


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