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A provocation to think more creatively


To promote creative thinking, and behaviours, for the benefit of all

Our creative thinking, behaviours, and the context and climate in which we live all contribute to our creative potential.  ​​This site signposts approaches to creative thinking that unleashes our own creativity epiphany quotient.


Novelty and ​successful implementation seem to be key cornerstones of the sexual allure of innovation. ​Yet the more compelling the initial concept or idea, surely the greater chance of success?

​Creativity is about sensing opportunity, and divining links and discontinuities. It is also about being lucky. How do you develop your luckyness?

Our Passion
Creative Intelligence
our creative thinking framework



Our Creative Sense has developed a creative thinking framework with tools and ideas to help the development of your creative thinking capacity. From simple to use idea generation (gibberation) techniques, through to the development of new conceptual creative singularities.

IG Idea Gibberation

Idea Gibberation relates to the mapping of the plethora of creativity techniques into seven domains; perceptual positions, reversal, chocutopia, sats and mats, extremoids, Vector matrix, and portmanteau.

AD Association and Dissociation

The ways in which we can join ideas, and break them apart can be a powerful way to generate new thinking. Each AD area is expressed in terms of three concepts; Association in terms of sythesis, symmetry, and synchronicity. Dissociation conversely focusing on randomisation, reversion, and radicalisation.









SING Singularities

Nothingness, the immeasurables, and the power of unity are the three areas that are used to capture creative thinking that might be expressed in single and profound thoughts.

the seven creative thinking pillars
Creative thinking association and dissociation
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